VORM Tutoring and Stichting INIO

VORM Tutoring

VORM Tutoring offers online tutoring Dutch to IB students (16-19 years) and to students preparing for the IB (14-16 years). The students are supervised by enthusiastic, experienced teachers.

We offer the following programmes:

  • pre-IB (1): for students in grade 9
  • pre-IB (2): for students in grade 10
  • IB (self-tuition): for students in grade 11-12

Stichting INIO (INIO Foundation)

Stichting INIO offers distance learning to students in primary and secondary education. For pre-IB and IB students, INIO closely cooperates with VORM Tutoring.

Students who register with INIO for the pre-IB or IB programme can make use of facilities of INIO. (Pre-)IB students registered with INIO, are supervised by teachers of VORM Tutoring.

For more information about INIO, please visit the website www.inio.nl.