Didactic concept pre-IB

For students in grade 9 or 10, the question may arise: is Dutch the mother tongue? Of course: it’s the language that he/she speaks with family. But after a long stay abroad, Dutch is often no longer the strongest language – English has taken over.

What does a pre-IB student need, what are the objectives? For many students the language situation is complex. That’s why we choose for an individual approach: we closely look at the student’s needs.

There is Skype contact with each student on a weekly basis. We assume an average study load of 3 hours per week.

The programme for grade 9 students aims at activating the language. In the course of the year, the students read six young adult books, each focused on a topical issue (e.g. Nature and environment). The modules are varied and include diversions into current media reports.

In grade 10, the focus will be on the preparation for the IB. The student reads six accessible literary works. The assignments are already in line with the final attainment levels of the IB curriculum.