Pieter van der Vorm

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Pieter van der Vorm

Pieter van der Vorm is an experienced IB teacher, who has supervised students from more than 30 international schools.

Pieter studied Dutch in Utrecht, specialising in ‘modern literature’. After his studies, he taught Dutch at universities in Ankara, Kuala Lumpur and Vienna. In Kuala Lumpur he gained his first experiences as a teacher in IB; in Vienna he taught Dutch A to students of various international schools. Since 2013 he has been working full-time as a freelance IB teacher in the self-taught program.

From 2013 to 2018 he worked for an organisation offering IB Dutch , as a teacher and as coordinator of the SSST programme.

In 2019, he founded VORM Tutoring. VORM uses comprehensive teaching materials. (Click here for an example.) Our materials prove to be extremely effective: weaker students are helped on their way, strong students are challenged.

The students Pieter van der Vorm supervised achieved excellent results; the average grade is above IB6. Pieter attaches great value to a personal and flexible way of coaching. He likes to discuss the individual possibilities and interests of the student; differentiation is important – while of course the attainment targets and learning objectives are kept in mind.

Response from parents:

You got the best out of both our children who are completely different. You are patient but firm and are able to create a dialogue with each child. Thank you!” (Fam. Juurlink)